Curriculum Vitae

During my first year at the Chandra X-ray Center, I was handed a two-inch-thick manual on data analysis and was told, "we need to make this into a website."

My early HTML was embarrassing: tags and attributes were written in all caps, headers were hardcoded on every page of the site, I didn't indent, didn't comment, and didn't understand why CGI needed its own special directory. I took an ill-fated "web design" class that exclusively used Zope. I nested tables within tables within tables.

But I learned and the site grew. Once a meager dozen pages, it is now a network of websites that are written in valid, semantic (X)HTML and styled with well-written, valid CSS. We created a content management and publishing system which is written in XML and XSL, driven by Perl scripts. I am passionate about code indentation.

As our site has evolved, I became known as a local resource for HTML and CSS. People began to ask me to loan time to develop a special website for a conference, or to assist in upgrading older pages to meet current standards. And as I worked with people across the Observatory—ranging from administrative staff to senior scientists—I gained experience teaching code- and content-related issues to members of our community.

I read the greats online and on paper - my bookshelf is stacked with Cederholm, Halvorson, Keith, and Wroblewski. I attend An Event Apart every year and bring new ideas back to my team, fired up to revise and edit and make things better.

Pretty much, I just enjoy writing good code. Let's talk.

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